| Thursday, September 28, 2006 |

-If you want to have the free breakfast provided by the school during the GCE"O"Level written papers period, please give your name to Marcus Loke asap. *
-If you would like to stay back after school in the afternoon to use school facilities for studies during October and would also like to use it during the study break, please give your name to Marcus Loke asap. ^

*Please indicate the day(s) that you would like to have the free breakfast. Breakfast is only provided on days with written papers that start at 8.30am and last more than 1 1/2 hours.
^Please indicate the day(s) that you would stay back or return back to school (during study break).

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| Monday, September 25, 2006 |

Since the release of the Combined Humanities Paper 1 (Social Studies) results today, think many of you are having a lot of different mixed feelings, "angry", "sad", "dissappointed", "happy", "moodless", "okok", "bo chap" and etc... to the 18 of you, cheer up and smilez, still got Geography, so don't be too sad yet... know many of you tried your best tho some didn't... it's ok, ur efforts will be paid off some day one, dun worry, maybe is just not during Prelims... and congratuation to those who got A1 (for SS only). Well done....! haha.
and to those who 'cursed' that i fail, sorry to dissappoint you guys, but till now, i still really don't now how well i fare... =P
anyway, life just have to go on, whether u fail or pass... whether u like it or not. =)
Failure is the mother of success.
You guys just have to work hard, coz you'll reap the things you sow...

bye~ =)

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| Sunday, September 24, 2006 |

go and read what some 'smart' 2A guy put on the web.
problems of SASS

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Togusa Chan

| Thursday, September 21, 2006 |

25 Sep - 29 Sep : Rest Week + Checking Prelim Papers
2 Oct - 6 Oct : Intensive Study + Training
9 Oct - 13 Oct : Intensive Study + Training
16 Oct - 20 Oct : Study Break, GCE"O" Level Pre-papers
23 Oct - 27 Oct : Study Break
30 Oct onwards : Overall start of GCE"O" Level

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this is a message from TSC:

Chem practical extra on tuesday next week [26/09/06]after school... So please be in School next week.

[ah seow says next week is for checking prelim papers]

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Togusa Chan

The Straits Times (Sep 19, 2006)
The through-train programme ensures continuity from primary school to JC

By Nicholas Fang

RUGBY players in the St Andrew's family of schools will have their sporting careers mapped out all the way from primary school to junior college.

The St Andrew's Village rugby through-train programme will ensure continuity for students at St Andrew's Junior and Secondary schools as well as St Andrew's Junior College.

The three schools moved into the new 20-hectare St Andrew's Village campus in Potong Pasir this year.

The programme, launched earlier this year, is the first of its kind for local sports.

It aims to raise the level of rugby at St Andrew's and keep talented players within the fraternity.

Close to 300 students have signed up for the pioneer batch of through-train athletes.

The options available to them include the Under-11, U-13, U-14, U-17 and U-19 competitions, as well as representation at the national level if selected.

Students in the programme will also benefit from having accredited coaches track their progress throughout their years at St Andrew's.

Mentors from senior classes will be assigned to help younger students progress in the sport and create a sense of belonging and team-bonding.

Gene Tong, the programme's assistant head coach, felt that students will now have a clearer understanding of the options available to them in schools rugby.

He said: 'There are no academic requirements, except for those required to gain admission into the schools.

'We will select students based on basic criteria such as hand-eye coordination and psycho-motor skills.

'Once in the programme, they will have a very clear idea of what options they will have in terms of playing for the school.'

Tong, who coaches the Saints' family of schools, said that rugby students would also be given priority in terms of direct school admission (DSA) to the junior college.

'We will definitely look to them first under the DSA, as they would have much more experience as players.'

He also hoped the new scheme would help the Saints retain their top rugby talents.

In the past few years, they have lost about two to four players from each team of 15 to other rugby-playing rivals such as Raffles Institution and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) .

The programme will likely get off to a bright start as the Saints already have a successful legacy.

This year, they took four of the five titles contested at school level, winning the U-11 and U-13, and A and B divisions.

The number of places in the programme has not been fixed. That will depend on the students' interest.

The Saints are also keen to extend the programme to other sports in future.

SAS principal Belinda Charles told The Straits Times that the programme would serve as a model of 'learning on many levels'.

'The coaches will work with the students all through their careers, and the younger and older players get to mix together in training.

'They will have many chances to learn from each other.'

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| Monday, September 18, 2006 |

(unless got Practical Exam)

Pupils retaking MT:
42 Days left to the first paper of
General Cambridge Examination - Ordinary Level

Pupils not retaking MT:
49 Days left to the first paper of
General Cambridge Examination - Ordinary Level

Pupils taking Combined Science & A. Maths:
63 Days left to Graduation (unofficial one)

Pupils taking Pure Sciences & A. Maths:
59 Days left to Graduation (unofficial one)

8 to 9 more weeks to the end of FOUR SCIENCE ONE 2006 as a class
sobX =(

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hello...there's 48 days left to our first o lvl written paper (math!)...about 6 weeks left!

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jonny tanner

| Sunday, September 17, 2006 |

Good luck for your exams those taking Amaths, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, wateva... Gd luck and dun side track.. continue to consistantly study for the next 1-2 months and own the Os =) - Abel Teo

No picture to upload for this post, will try find 1 =)

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| Friday, September 15, 2006 |

Guyz!!! According to daryl... he says that tomorrow have chem remedial... Mdm Tan is doing Electro Chem at 9am. If you are interested meet outside the general office at 9...

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Togusa Chan

| Tuesday, September 05, 2006 |

Latest update of remedial classes during the sep holidays

Social Stuides: 9am-11am 6th Sep [Wed]
Geog [with 4ST]: 1pm- 4pm 6th Sep [Wed]
Geog [ actual 4S1 slot]: 9am- 12pm 8th Sep [Fri]

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Togusa Chan

| Saturday, September 02, 2006 |
Sept holiday lessons

2006 St Andrew's School
Class of Four Science One
September School Holiday Extra Lessons

4 September 06, Monday, 9am - Science Chemistry*

5 September 06, Tuesday, (time?) - Pure Chemistry
8 September 06, Friday, 9am - Geography

*Science Chemistry students, if you are unable to make it for the lession, please go for the pure chemisty lesson which will be held the following day.


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| Friday, September 01, 2006 |

Im sure everyone is studying really hard..and your here taking a break...
well...here's some riddles for you...beware..its lame...but i suggest u think about number 2..so i wont give the answer for tt... :)

1)Why did Mr Mushroom go to a party?

2)When you catch a bee in your hand, what do you see?

3)How can you form one word by jumbling up the letters from "New Door"?

4)Why did Mr Mushroom go to another party?

Answers below!...

1) because he was a fungi (fun guy) -.-

3) you make "One word"! lol...actually its not funny..but jus lol along pls..

4) because he wanted to meet more fungus (fun girls) whoo!


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jonny tanner


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04; April
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17 - Keith Koh

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08 - Cuthbert Chan
10 - Edwin Ang
12 - Hisyam
14 - Joel Tan
17 - Edwin Yong
25 - Jovian
28 - Faiz
29 - Jerrald Lau
31 - Jonathan Tan

06; June
02 - Ong Chuon Yan
05 - Timothy Chew

07; July
05 - Tan Zhen Yong
07 - Wong Wei Liang
19 - Barnabas Lee
28 - Edgar Teng

08; August
12 - Daryl Tan

09; September
01 - Marcus Hosea Loke
12 - Marcus Sng
13 - Dax Kuldip Singh
25 - Seah Eevann

10; October
09 - Richard Boon
10 - Shashi
19 - Adrian Huang
23 - Yam Guo Liang

11; November
02 - Paul Chew
19 - Russell Koh

12; December
05 - Jeremy Goh
28 - Saiy Kumaar


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