| Monday, August 28, 2006 |
CNA news report on SAV

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the best song around now: mee siam mai hum

sing it together now

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Togusa Chan

| Saturday, August 26, 2006 |

SAV is finally...OFFICIALLY OPENED! Well, it was a great event, grand one..Im sure everyone had a great time there...
if u wanna check out some pictures and videos...u can drop by my blog..although im still upload it..hah...i hav other videos which are too big to fit into u-tube's specifications..so...well..only for me to view :P


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jonny tanner

| Thursday, August 24, 2006 |

Ok its time for me to do my monthly update. so.. here goes.. thx for every1's concern.. i'm feeling better now.. practical was tough but im sure every1 will do and excel in it. and to those who didnt do well so far in the prelims.. dun worry.. its the prelims.. press on and strive to do better in the other papers as well as the major Os. just a quote here " many of life's failure never know how close they were to success before giving up" By Thomas Edison. Lets press on guys! we can do it! =) ( ehh.. try to inform more of our class people about this blog leh. anyway, well done jinwei.. the skin is magnificant.. and let barnabas admin ar... he can do alot of things too =) )

Ok heres a picture of our class during english lesson.. luckily there wasnt a audio recorder to hear for noisy it was. haha. btw tanner! be thankful that 1/2 ur face is there.

Thats all.. Abel Teo signing off =)

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| Tuesday, August 22, 2006 |
Prelim Time Table (for those taking Combined Sci and A. Maths)

This is the prelim time-table for those taking Combined Science and A. Maths ......


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| Monday, August 21, 2006 |

good luck guys for the prelims

the timetable:

oh please vote on this topic on the tag box:
Should Barnabas have admin power to the class blog?
Please vote!![ every vote counts]

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Togusa Chan

| Wednesday, August 16, 2006 |

sorry wei liang... jonny requested it to be removed...
oh note this

Mock E Math paper 2 is on FRIDAY, [18/8/06]
Mock E Math paper 1 [ for those who missed it] is on next Monday [21/8/06]

and the prelims Pure phy paper 1 is on the 18/9/06 [monday] 11.30-12.30 [ right after add math 1]

good luck for next week's english prelims!

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Togusa Chan

-- pic removed by admin at the request of jonny tanner... --
[shit i loss the address of the pic]
lyk nv c a flower in entire life b4........gettin so fascinated over it =P

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| Tuesday, August 15, 2006 |

i think it is really time to start studying everyone...next week english prelim starts...and then once prelim ends..its 2 months before o lvl..how exciting..iszint it :D ! cant wait for it to end! jus end! whoo! END!!! ITS HOLIDAY TIME!...

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jonny tanner

| Monday, August 14, 2006 |

This is Dax.

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its nearly been one week since someone posted something..and i thought it was dying...so im here trying to rescue and brind it back to life...by the end of monday..everyone should have taken their english oral..ya..thats all..goodbye :P
(i screwed up my oral!...)

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jonny tanner

| Tuesday, August 08, 2006 |
national day celebration in SAS!...

we had our national day celebration, but strangely..for the first time there was no present.. :(
well...it has been quite a long day...esp since we had to stay back for a 'chem prac test'...how fun..half day but still got test..arg..
im bored..and i have nth much to say...

well u can check out my blog for pics..can upload here..so slow..

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jonny tanner

| Monday, August 07, 2006 |

HELLO! i'm new here..im jonathan..jonny tanner tts my name..lalala..wadever..this is silly...im new to blogspot..cool! its my first time posting...WHEE!

today mrs ang didnt come..so mr yee took over...i wonder if the class felt the same way as me (other than barney who's always so on to listen to Yee)...it was dread boring! BAAAH!

"jonny tanner was here and will be back"

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jonny tanner

U14 Rugby defeat

2006 Nationals Schools U14 C-Division Rugby Championship Semi-Finals
St Andrew's School
lost to
Raffles Institution
(2 tries, 1 penalty - 2 tries, 1 conversion)

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| Saturday, August 05, 2006 |

This is a Test post



Ok... new blogskin and it should last for awhile... at least till after o's...

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Togusa Chan

ok people... i think some will/would be happy to hear that.. we going to have a new blogskin... and it will be not a temporary one....here is the preview

oh some old pics that i taken in school...

black vs white

i think this is taken by boon

i shoot you... u shoot me...

i dunnoe what dax is doing...

oh anyone have the toilet paper fan?

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Togusa Chan


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